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Morris have been manufacturing lubricants in Shrewsbury since 1869, one hundred and forty years of development has seen the company grow to one of Europe's leading oil blenders and marketers, with a solid reputation for quality. Morris 2 stroke oil, 4 stroke oil, chainsaw oil, antifreeze and grease are all developed with the highest quality control for an excellent final product. So if your after 2 stroke oil or other lubricants take a look at our selection.

Ground Force 2HSS is a top quality synthetic boosted 2 stroke oil, utilising the latest performance additive technology, for protection and performance.
Ground Force ATV is an advanced high performance semi-synthetic 4 stroke oil for use in the highly stressed engines of all-terrain vehicles, generator sets and other ancillary equipment.
Ground Force Croma 30 cutter bar chainsaw oil is designed to meet all lumber industry, forestry, woodyard and estate management requirements. Provides excellent corrosion protection and improved chain performance in a wide range of climatic conditions.
Morris K2EP Complex, and K42EP Medium are premium quality multi-purpose greases for lubricating all anti-friction and plain bearings for use in industrial and automotive applications.
Morris Antifreeze will protect all engines from frost damage right down to –34ºC and ice damage down to –50ºC (at 50% of total coolant volume). It also provides outstanding protection against rust and corrosion for all parts of the cooling system and is therefore recommended for all year round use.